Input Devices: Select the appropriate device for your system. Options vary from system to system depending on what is installed.

Input Channels for Selected Device: Select the channel appropriate for the input device used. These options vary according to what is installed on your computer but might include Stereo Mix, CD audio, TAD-In, Auxiliary, Microphone, Line-In, and the like.

Input Format: Available for most sound cards. Select from frequency, mono or stereo, and 8- or 16-bit.

Audible Threshold (1-32767) and Silence Threshold (1-32767): These settings are used for automatic track splitting; that is, after a certain amount of silence is detected, such as switching between tracks, Blaze Media Pro changes to a new file.

Silence Length (ms): The amount of silent time before a new file is started.

Volume: Use the slider to increase or decrease the recording volume. Slide the button up to increase the volume, and down to decrease the volume.