Volume ID: The volume ID is the name of the CD. It is what will appear when the CD is loaded.

Include Joliet Directories: Limits the number of characters in folder and file names to a maximum of 64 characters. Joliet is a format based on the ISO 9660 standard that allows long filenames and uses the Unicode international character set.

Mode-2XA Instead of Mode-1: Selects Mode 2XA instead of Mode 1 (CD-RW only). The most common CD-ROM formats use Mode 1 sectors, which contain 2048 bytes of data per sector. Some CD-ROM formats such as Photo CD, Video CD, and CD Extra use Mode 2XA sectors, which contain 2048 bytes plus error correction, or 2324 bytes with no error correction.

DVD High Compatibility: Pads the session to at least 1GB so that older DVD-ROM readers will recognize the data volume. This setting should only be used when recording the first session. This setting must be disabled if recording to CD or CDR/W formats; otherwise, the free space will be exceeded, which will cause a write error.