Channel: Selects a channel, such as mono or stereo. A stereo signal consists of two separate audio channels, while a mono signal has one. A single audio data file may contain information for one, two, or in some cases, more audio channels. This means that stereo produces better quality sound.

Bit depth: Bit depth is the number of bits used to carry the data in each sample of audio. Click here for more information.

Conversion Frequency (Hz): Select the frequency, or the number of times an event repeats, or number of vibrations produced by a signal or sound, in a given period. Frequency is measured in Hz. One Hertz is one cycle per second. In Blaze Media Pro, the settings are listed in kHz, or kilohertz.


WMA Profile: Enables you to select a Windows Media 8 or 9 profile to define the quality and frame size of the video output. A higher bitrate profile yields better quality (and often higher resolution), while a lower bitrate produces smaller file sizes.