Video Format: Sets frame rate and AVI Codec.

Audio Format: Select from PCM, MP3, ADPCM, A-Law, Mu-Law, and GSM. Also select stereo or mono, and set the audio bitrate.


Video Format: Set the frame rate and video bitrate.

Audio Format: Select stereo or mono. Set audio bitrate.

MPEG Version: Select MPEG-1 (standard or VCD) or MPEG-2 (standard, SVCD, or DVD).


Video Format: Select from a preset list of common applications.


Video Width and Height: Set to dimensions of the first file, or define the values.

Streams: Opt to include or exclude audio or video content.

Extraction Start Position: Set the time for the extraction to begin in hours, minutes, seconds.

Extraction End Position: Set the time for the extraction to conclude in hours, minutes, seconds.