Always On Top: Causes Blaze Media Pro to remain on top of other applications running in Windows.

Enable CDDB Access with CD Playback: Automatically connects to the CDDB database when you play a CD.

Enable Open Dialog Preview Support: Allows previewing, or playing, of the media file selected in the browse dialog box before opening the file.

Loop Media Playback: Plays the current media file until the process is stopped.

Save Window Positions: Opens Blaze Media Pro in the same position in which it was last used.

Send to System Tray on Minimize: Sends Blaze Media Pro to the system tray, instead of the Taskbar, when minimized.

Show File Extension on Main Window: Displays the extension of the current file, along with the base filename, on the main Window.

Disable Secondary Window Skin Support: By default, this option is enabled to offer the best performance possible. However, for those who prefer a more advanced style interface, this setting can be disabled to provide skin support to all windows of the application.

Temporary Files Location: Selects the output folder that Blaze Media Pro uses when writing temporary files to disk.