New: Clears the playlist window, allowing a new playlist to be built.

Open: Allows an existing playlist to be selected and loaded. You must have already saved a playlist to use this option.

Save: Saves the currently displayed playlist for future use.

Save as HTML: Saves the current playlist in HTML format to display on the web.

Add Files: Adds files to the CD/playlist. You can add files to the list by selecting them in Windows Explorer and then dragging them into the list area.


You can select multiple files to drag by pressing the CTRL key when selecting the files. You can also press the Shift key to select a complete range of files.

Add Path: Selects the folder containing the media files to be included. All supported media files in the folder are added to the list automatically.

Move Up: Moves selected files up in the list. To move the file back, click Move Down.

Move Down: Moves selected files down in the list.
To move the file back, click Move Up.

Sort List: Sorts the playlist in ascending or
descending alphabetical order.

Remove: Deletes the selected items from the list.

Remove All: Deletes all files from the playlist.

Remove Non-Existent Files: Removes files that no longer exist from the playlist.

Remove Duplicates: Removes files with the same name from the playlist.

Select All: Selects the entire file.

Deselect All: Deselects all current selections.


Random Play: Instead of playing the media files in the order they appear in the list, Blaze Media Pro selects a file at random to play.
Full Screen: Plays video files in the playlist full screen.
Loop Playlist: Repeats the playlist until you stop it.
Include Add Path Sub-folders: Includes all media files located in sub-folders in the playlist.
Enable Horizontal Scrollbar: Enable this option to scroll very long filenames in the playlist window.
Confirm Save on Close: Prompts you to save the playlist when you close the program or open another playlist.
Auto Save/Load Last Playlist: Saves the current playlist on exit and loads it next time you start Blaze Media Pro.