Resize: Resizes the video to a new width and height. This changes the storage requirements of the video, and is not the same as scaling the display - zooming out or zooming in.

Flip: Flips the video from top to bottom.

Mirror: Reverses the video, left to right, to produce a mirror video.

Rotate: Rotates the selected video by the degree specified. Rotate uses the center of the selected video as the center of clockwise rotation.


Color Settings: Adjusts the video's gamma, brightness, contrast, saturation, and/or hue.

Color Replace: Processes a video replacing the start color with the end color using the specified hue range.

Grayscale: Converts a video to an 8-bit grayscale video. Of course, when the video is saved, it will save in the bit depth of the format. Therefore, you will still likely end up with a 24-bit video. However, the grayscale quality is still 8-bit.

Invert: Inverts the colors in the video, making it like a photographic negative. This feature can also be used to invert the color of a 1-bit video, making the black white and the white black.


Aging: Gives a movie the look and feel of an old style movie (color or B&W).

Deblocking: Applied to raw RGB data. The filter accepts block size and first block offset settings to deblocking paths and the beginning of the blocked area.

If the block size and first block offset do not match the blocks in the passed video sample, the effect is not expected to give satisfactory results. Two algorithms are currently offered to perform deblocking, 2-lines and 4-lines.

Dizzy: Rotates, zooms, and blurs movie frames to create a dizziness-like effect.

Edge Enhance: Processes a video enhancing the edges by lightening, sharpening, and applying custom enhancements.

Emboss: Offers embossing a video stream providing different settings to control the effect.

Fire: Draws flames around a moving object.

Ghost: Makes moving objects invisible.

Glass: Creates a stained glass effect on each movie frame.

Hologram: Draws a holographic-like shadow of a moving object.

Lens: Adds a fish eye-like effect to the movie.

Lightning: Draws lightning sparks around a moving object.

Maze: Distorts the movie into a crystal maze.

Mosaic: Transforms any image into something that looks as though it were created by positioning a number of tiling elements, each of constant color and an approximate size. This filter applies the mosaic effect to a video stream with the ability to set the mosaic square size.

Motion Blur: Creates a motion blur effect for moving objects. It gives the appearance of a random glow around the motion.

Night Vision: Used for enhancing night vision or dropping more light on dark sources to clarify objects. The effect is performed in 2 ways. The first yields a frame rate divided by the number of added frames, while the other almost preserves the frame rate by using previous frames to output each sample. The output is, of course, not the same from the two methods.

Particles: Distorts an object, when it moves, into small particles. It then joins the particles to reform the object when it stops moving.

Rain: Adds rain drops to the video.

Sharpen: Performs a sharpening effect on a video stream. A resulting low frame rate is to be expected with this filter.

Streak: Shows moving objects as they are traced in slow motion.

Wave: Makes waves around moving objects.

Text Overlays: Enables text to be added to video, with control over word wrap, alignment, angle, outline, font characteristics, and more.

Volume: Controls the volume level of the video by increasing or decreasing the amplitude of the audio content.