Video Codec: The drop-down list offers various options for the video codec to be used for the MOV encoding. Available choices include Animation Codec, BMP Codec, ComponentVideo Codec, H261 Codec, H263 Codec, H264 Codec, JPEG Codec, MPEG4 Visual Codec, Sorenson3 Codec, and Sorenson Codec.

Audio Codec: The drop-down list offers settings to define the audio format/compression to be used in the MOV output. Options available include 24-bit, 32-bit, A-LAW Compression, IMA Compression, MACE3 Compression, MACE6 Compression, and u-LAW Compression.

Audio Sample Rate: The audio sample rate (frequency) defines the number of samples per second to be used in the audio content of the MOV output. VCD and SVCD quality output is associated with 44,100 Hz, while 48,000 Hz is recognized as DVD quality. The content from miniDV digital video camcorders and high-quality wireless microphone transmissions typically uses 32,000 Hz. Other sample rates are used for lower quality/file size requirements.

Audio Channels: Enables you to select between stereo and mono audio content for the MOV output.