Copy Audio CD

The Copy Audio CD feature allows you to make an exact duplicate of an audio CD.


If you want to use a CD-RW disc that already contains files, you can delete all existing files by inserting that disc into the write drive and clicking Erase Disc. All existing files will be removed.
1.To duplicate an audio CD, click Conversions>Copy Audio CD on the main Blaze Media Pro window.

2.Insert the appropriate discs into the source and destination drives, and set any of the following options, as necessary.
Write Speed - Sets the speed appropriate for your hardware.
Auto-Eject CD on Completion - Automatically ejects the CD when the burn process is complete.
Enable Burn-Proof Mode - Eliminates the possibility of buffer underrun error and other recording problems.


This option is only available with CD burner drives that support this feature. Some older CD burner drives might not support this feature; however, most current drives will support it.

Enable Test Mode - Simulates the copy process. Use to test all settings, drives, and the entire copy process without the possibility of wasting a disc.


Be sure to uncheck the Enable Test Mode option when you are ready to create your CD.

3.Click Copy Disc to begin the burn process.