Burn Video CD

Blaze Media Pro records MPEG files onto VCDs/SVCDs.

1.Click Conversions>Burn Video CD (VCD/SVCD) in the main Blaze Media Pro window.

2.Click File>Select File to browse for the file you want to record on the VCD/SVCD.
3.Select the file you want to record.


If you have more than one recording device, select the one that you want from the Recording Device list.
4.Under Burn Mode, select VCD or SVCD.
5.Click File>Burn Disc to burn the VCD/SVCD. You can also click the Burn Disc button.


You must have a CD recordable drive (CD-R or CD-R/W) to accomplish this conversion.
The files you burn to a VCD/SVCD must be either MPEG-1 with VCD Extensions or MPEG-2 with SVCD Extensions (depending on the mode). You can use the video converter feature of the software to convert any file to this specification.