Playlist Menu

The Playlist menu in the main Blaze Media Pro window gives you the ability to create your own symphony of favorite songs and videos for your listening and viewing pleasure. You can combine both audio and video files within the same playlist. Since Blaze Media Pro supports all popular formats, the creation of playlist(s) is limited only by your imagination.

You can play an item in the playlist by double-clicking the file name. You can show or hide the playlist by clicking the appropriate arrows next to Playlist on the main window.

Click on the following link for Playlist menu information.

Playlist Menu Selections

Save as HTML
Add Files
Add Path
Move Up
Move Down
Sort List
Remove All
Remove Non-Existent Files
Remove Duplicates
Select All
Deselect All
Random Play
Full Screen
Loop Playlist
Include Add Path Sub-folders
Enable Horizontal Scrollbar
Confirm Save on Close
Auto Save/Load Last Playlist