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Blaze Media Pro is a very complete and truly all-in-one audio and video software application. It is packed with an incredible feature set. Features include: video editor, audio editor, CD ripper, CD/DVD burner, audio recorder, audio CD copier, audio converter, video converter, video capture, MPEG encoder and decoder, MP3 encoder and decoder, solution to capture protected audio files, record streaming audio, perform lyrics search, and much more. A grid is provided below listing some of Blaze Media Pro's key features. Click on any feature below for more information and screen shots. You can download the software from any of these pages when you're ready to try for yourself. The software is offered as a free 15-day trial so that you can determine if it meets your needs before payment is required.


Key Features of Blaze Media Pro

All-in-One MP3 Software Audio Burner Audio Converter Audio Editor
Audio Recorder AVI Converter AVI Editor Burn CDs (CD/DVD)
CD Ripper CD to MP3 Converter CD to OGG Converter CD to WAV Converter
CD to WMA Converter Convert AVI to MPEG Convert AVI to WMV Convert Protected WMA
Convert MIDI to MP3/WAV Convert MP3 to OGG Convert MP3 to WAV Convert MP3 to WMA
Convert MPEG to AVI Convert MPEG to WMV Convert OGG to MP3 Convert OGG to WAV
Convert OGG to WMA Convert Protected AAC Convert Video to Flash Convert WAV to MP3
Convert WAV to OGG Convert WAV to WMA Convert WMA to MP3 Convert WMA to OGG
Convert WMA to WAV Convert WMV to AVI Convert WMV to MPEG Copy Music CDs
Data CD/DVD Burning MOV Converter Movie Editing MP3 Burner
MP3 Converter MP3 Decoder MP3 Editor MP3 Encoder
MP3 Recorder MP3 Ripper MPEG Decoder MPEG Editor
MPEG Encoder Music Software OGG Burner OGG Converter
OGG Editor OGG Recorder OGG Ripper Sound Recorder
VCD Burner Video Capture Video Converter Video Editing
WAV Burner WAV Converter WAV Editor WAV Recorder
WAV Ripper WAV Burner WMA Converter WMA Editor
WMA Recorder WMA Ripper WMV Converter WMV Editor

Common Tasks

How do I record from streaming audio online?

How do I record from a cassette or LP?

Is it possible to convert OMA to MP3 or convert OMA to WAV?

Is it possible to convert DRM protected WMA files or convert protected AAC files?

How do I add audio to existing video files or replace the audio already in a video file?

How do I apply sound effects to audio files?

How do I burn CDs?

Does Blaze Media Pro include both audio CD burning and data CD/DVD burning features?

How do I compress MP3 files or compress WAV files?

How do I convert from MPEG-1 to MPEG-2 or convert MPEG-2 to MPEG-1?

How do I convert a MPEG from NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC?

How do I copy an audio CD?

How do I flip a video or mirror a video?

How do I resize video or rotate video files?

How do I use the software's video capture feature to record from a TV tuner card or other capture device?

How do I burn a Video CD (VCD) or burn a Super Video CD (SVCD) disc?

Can Blaze Media Pro be used as a WMA encoder?

Audio-related Definitions / Glossary

MP3 Converter, Editor, Burner, Ripper All-in-one Software
Audio Conversion